SteamBio  is a SPIRE project that started in February 2015 and is due to finish in January 2018. The SteamBio process takes agro-forestry residues, treats them with superheated steam to create stable commercial outputs.

Already pilot trials have recovered viable quantities of tradable commodity chemicals, including lactic and acetic acid along with identified bio-based building blocks, for instance levulinic acid and furfurals. Following an economic assessment of the market opportunities, SteamBio Ltd has been registered as a business to exploit the project results.

From July this year until the end of the project a 150kg/hour throughput demonstration unit will be operating continuously every week, Monday through to Friday in rural locations, first in Northern Germany and then in Spain. Visitors are welcome!

The project will be presented at the EUBCE in Stockholm 12th to 15th June 2017 as we seek to promote both visitors to our demonstrations, evaluation of the process outputs by the chemical industry and, commercial partners to take SteamBio into different markets and applications.

Check out the SteamBio website!

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