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Isolation dampers can be manufactured and tested to 18kPA+

In high end, sensitive ventilation systems such as those found within nuclear, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research and hospital facilities it is usually vital that the plant is kept running, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In these instances one of the hardest things to accomplish is isolating part of the system completely and efficiently for vital maintenance or other necessary processes.

Incorporating secure and reliable isolation mechanisms in order to make stopping as safe as running is therefore a key factor in improving plant design and installation efficiency which is essential in these facilities, and favourable in any engineering or manufacturing plant.

Zero leakage has become the mantra of specialists M C Air Filtration in helping engineers at key sites across the UK to achieve complete shut-down at key stages throughout their facilities. For over 30 years the firm has been at the forefront of air movement and filtration technology associated with high end industries. They are now market leaders in the manufacture of standard and bespoke high integrity isolation dampers suitable for use in a wide range of critical ventilation and process applications.

The firm’s range of high efficiency (HEPA) filters and the associated housings have become the product of choice within nuclear power generation, reprocessing and decommissioning as well as being extensively used in biotech and pharma both in the UK and overseas.

The MCAF circular butterfly type isolation damper was initially developed to provide positive isolation to their own range of high integrity bag in bag out filter housings and systems, but soon their high-end customers were clamouring for the same.

Applications engineer Mark Bamforth explains “Critical ventilation applications commonly need a safe system whereby the associated pre and/or HEPA filters can be replaced in isolation, either to protect the environment and the operators from toxic or active particles present in the air stream, or to protect the process from contamination by outside air. To affect these filter changes safely while allowing critical systems to continue to operate, each filter system must be individually isolated. Commonly available dampers were found to have too high a leakage rate for such critical and high flow applications. This was leading to overly expensive depression relief systems or the need to isolate a complete filter bank which often necessitated an inefficient and complicated complete system shutdown.”

Because of the extensive use of their filters and housings in the nuclear industry, M C Air Filtration dampers have to meet the most rigorous of standards far beyond those of others available on the market. Each isolation damper is manufactured and individually factory tested under strict quality controlled conditions in accordance with the company’s BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation and allocated with a unique serial number for future traceability. MCAF dampers are also routinely pressure tested and certified to ensure they are leak free at pressures of up to 12KPa and can be manufactured and tested to 30 kPa plus.

Alongside the success of the original circular isolation damper, MCAF now also produces a rectangular series butterfly isolation damper suitable for installation into square and rectangular ductwork. This range was developed using the same design principles, however the body and blade are flat sided with radiused corners. Dampers have been manufactured up to 1000mm in diameter and 1000mm square.

Conventional square and rectangular section ultra-low leakage or zero leakage multi-blade isolation dampers are also manufactured by the Kent-based firm in either coated carbon or stainless steel. These products generally feature multiple spring loaded self-compensating blades fitted with a silicone rubber blade seals that are mechanically compressed against the damper frame. The differential pressure difference across the damper blade also aids closure and sealing of the blades.

Recent projects include the supply of over 400 multiblade isolation dampers to a major new biotech facility in London, a nuclear decommissioning project in Scotland and work at the forefront of Britain’s development of nuclear fusion.


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