Support Sustainability & Industry4 with Pirana CMMS, the Complete Maintenance Software Solution,….. and it’s affordable!

CMMS reports and KPIs provide a measure, and a record of the continuous improvement programme. A KPI module will provide sophisticated measures such as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and PPM to Corrective Ratio; but the simple KPIs may be just as informative. Is the weekly total of work orders trending up or down? How about downtime on critical assets? Or the value of parts issued from stores?
Measures relating to the broader objectives can also form a part of the improvement programme. Energy and water usage, and possibly CO2 emissions, should be monitored, and waste minimised.

Optimising the maintenance process reduces business risk and has the potential to dramatically reduce production losses and help meet auditing and compliance requirements.

About Pirana CMMS
Pirana CMMS, the UK No 1 maintenance software solution is becoming increasingly popular as the cost effective, quick start-up Maintenance Software choice, proving that organisations don’t have to look towards expensive and complex systems to meet maintenance goals.

The Shire Systems Limited product catalogue is quickly expanding with new and exciting maintenance software solutions.

Pirana CMMS already incorporates powerful features to support servicing and inspection and enhanced mobile solutions for various platforms.

Shire Systems delivers a range of ‘hands-on’ training courses at their modern training centres, as well as free ‘try-before-you-buy’ regional roadshows. And if that doesn’t convince, then there is always the fully functional free software trial.

All in all it’s the complete CMMS solution. The team at Shire are uniquely experienced and are more than happy to offer help and advice on CMMS generally.

Whether you try out the fully functional trial or attend one of the free roadshows, or both, you will be able to experience Shire products for yourself, with guidance from the Shire experts.

Comprehensive range of Mobile solutions with Auto-Sync
Pirana Mobile PRO is an effortlessly simple, yet powerful set of mobile applications for use on or off-line.

With a mobile interface, maintenance teams’ productivity can be maximised. It’s easy to get started. Simply setup users and devices and then your workforce is ready to process work orders on the move. The cost reductions are instant. Huge savings on travel, admin, printing and phone call charges are possible.

Many traditional CMMS on the market are hard to get to grips with and difficult to use out in the field. Shire eliminates such difficulty by cleverly presenting data in a manner that allows users to rapidly find the information they are seeking and to communicate in an effective, timely manner.

Pirana Mobile PRO will work on a variety of devices. Depending on choice, budget and working environment Shire Systems can advise on or supply a range of devices including those that are ruggedised, drop tested, submersible, IP67, ATEX compliant, integral barcode or RFID scanner.

Pirana CMMS Details
Pirana CMMS software is affordable, quick to deploy and scalable. There are no hidden costs. The interface is easy to pick up; it’s possible to get started in minutes and it’s possible to boost usability even further by setting customisable components.
• Longer Equipment Life
• Less downtime
• Increased Productivity
• Supports SUSTAINABILITY goals
• Available on-premise (installed on your own network), hosted (cloud) and mobile.

Besides being supremely easy to use and deploy, Pirana CMMS delivers a full suite of products providing the rich functionality that maintenance managers would expect from the market leader:
• Dashboard Management Information displays
• Fully featured Asset, Meter & Task registers
• Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
• Materials Management
• Costs & Charges Management Tools
• Purchasing control
• Request logging – for work orders, purchase orders and quotations
• ‘Checklists’ and multi-subject Work Orders
• Management KPIs
• Powerful reporting
• Comprehensive security options

Conveniently, there are two setup options:
1. On-premise (installed on your own network)
2. On-demand (cloud).
3. Standalone (Laptop, PC)
4. Mobile

FREE Roadshows
Shire has a regular schedule of free roadshows. Quite simply, it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the solutions first hand. The Shire Team are familiar with the most common concerns, whether switching systems or tackling CMMS for the first time. Some of the topics covered are:
• How to setup & implement CMMS
• New and upcoming products and productivity aids
• Demonstration of Mobile solutions

Expert Training & Support
Shire has been producing maintenance management systems for over 35 years. As a consequence, the training team can deliver a truly insightful and useful range of courses. Courses can be run at customer site or at Shire’s own modern training facilities.
If you want to extend asset life, cut costs, meet compliance and move towards your sustainability goals, then look no further.
Contact Shire to organise a free, fully functional 30 day trial. 023 8022 4111

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