The Facts about Motor Rewinds they don’t want you to know…

Did you realise Soda stream are still going? I thought it has long since gone the way of such contemporaneous delights as the Aztec Bar, Atari and the Fiesta XR2. Soda Streams were pretty useless, weren’t they? You got this thick sludge of something that looked toxic and radioactive at the bottom of the glass and your parents never remembered to buy the new canisters. Yes we had one in about 1979 it was in use for about 3 month and once the second canister had run out that was pretty much it. My parents moved on to getting pop from guy who used to drive round every week in a pick-up delivery new fresh bottles and giving us money back for the old bottles, real progress.

I am aware that this is not the most penetrating observation to be made but it does show how things swiftly move on in our everyday and work life, or do they?

Around the turn of the 20th century the electric motor was being introduced to mechanise all kinds of machinery and create the next step in the industrial revolution, man and  horse power were being made redundant by the new electric machines that could move any driven machinery application faster, cheaper and cleaner.

This new invention brought about a new industry, the motor repair industry. Back then when a electric motor failed, the electrical maintenance engineer would be called. He would confirm the motor was burnt out through the peeled of paint distorted body due to overheating and of course the fact it was no longer working and disconnect the motor. Then the mechanical engineer would be called, he would remove the motor from its mountings and get the apprentice to take it over to the store man, why use one man when four can do it just the same…

Then the store man would call his favourite local motor repairer to arrange to get the motor collected for repair.

The motor repairer would duly arrive pick up the motor and take back to his workshop to have the motor rewound by his specialist winders.

Of course in that day and age no consideration was given the efficiency or reliability of the repaired motor, it was a process that followed like night followed day.

The motor would arrive back to the stores, rewound, repaired and painted looking to all intent and purpose like a new motor. Everybody happy

Sound familiar!? Well it probably does because that is exactly what still happens in the majority of UK industry; exactly the same process is carried at manufacturing facilities across the UK every day.

Usually no consideration is given to inevitable efficiency losses that a rewound will incur, usually between 2 – 5%.

I have read this fact being disputed by some motor repair companies and associated bodies, I have even been presented with the results of study that was carried out in 2002 when a university carried out efficiency tests on a range of motors before and after they had been rewound. The data from the research test showed that motors could be rewound to almost exactly the same efficiency as the original manufacturers motor nameplate efficiency with one motor actually showing a 0.01% efficiency improvement after being rewound

All very interesting until I then found out the motors used had been taken directly from a new motor production line and had never been used on an application before being sent to a rewind shop and rewound under strict controlled conditions.

However, as any maintenance engineer knows, when a motor burns out it gets extremely hot, the laminations and air gaps within the motor become distorted and the motor body changes characteristic’s, thus no matter how skilled the person who carries out the rewind is they simply cannot get the original air gaps and tolerances to match that of the original manufacturer. Hence a loss of efficiency occurs. And from numerous independent tests carries out this can result in a loss of efficiency typically between 2 – 5%.

I have also heard the argument that this is simply motor sellers trying to convince industry to buy more motors, and since Quantum have been the leading supplier ABB  Motors in the UK since 1994 that would be a fair assumption to make,  unless you also know that Quantum also have a fully equipped Motor Repair and Rewind facility so we really have no axe to grind.

So why do I spend time beating on a wall hoping it will turn into a door, well Quant5um have won 3 prestigious national energy awards over the last two years and know there is a better way for you;

………….here are a few facts for you;

a)      65% of all electricity used by UK Industry is consumed by electric motors. That means at least 65% of your electricity bill is from running those very same motors.

b)      There are approximately 10,000,000 motors installed in the UK

c)       The motor repair industry is still, even today 3 time the size of the new motor industry in the UK

d)      2 – 5 % efficiency is lost when a burnt  out motor is rewound

e)      Rewinding a motor is usually much more profitable than supply a new one for the motor repairer

So there you have the elephant in the room, it is far more profitable to repair a motor than to sell a motor. Simple if you think about it because when selling a motor you are actually selling a product that has already been manufactured, has a part number and a list price associated to it so the price is already dictated at a certain level by the manufacturer. Whilst when a motor is sent for repair each time it is unique and depending upon the level of damage depends upon the price of the repair and thus it is almost impossible to get an accurate price comparison. When repairing a motor the Rewind Company is in charge of all costs from materials, through to labour and thus the price of the repair.

So are you still sending motors away for repair with no knowledge or guarantee of what your are getting back?

Well maybe it’s the same as the Soda Stream, why change a process that works? Until that 2nd canister runs out….

Quantum always quote the cost of repair AND the on-going costs of running motor against the cost of a new high efficiency motor and it’s comparative on-going costs running over the next 12 month.


We present you with the facts so you can make a considered decision, there will always be times when repairing the motor is the best option but that decision should be taken by you,  the client.

And presenting you with the facts is exactly what Quantum Controls ‘Guarantee’ to do.

If you want to know more we are running a roadshow during March 2014.We have cleared the diary of our technical manager, he attending sites like your to do a 40minture presentation followed by Q&As from you and your team come on this topic.

We normally charge £650 for this service but we are offering it to you today for FREE. This is not a sales presentation, no products will be discussed only the facts on

a)      Current Motor Efficiency Legislation

b)      The motor Rewind process

c)       The facts about what it cost to run your motors

d)      Case Studies

e)      The new Government Tax incentives when repairing or replacing motors

And just to reiterate on the facts at least 65% of you current electricity bill will be used by electric motors, if you are an industry such as water utilities or pulp and paper that can as much as 85%. Just think what value that is to your organisation, whether you’re an Engineer, Director or owner if your serious about reducing your enginery bill, this is what you should be looking at.

We will present the facts nobody wants you to know in 40 minutes at your site, anywhere in the UK at a date and time to suit you.

Book today as we only have limited availability and remember it’s totally free until 31st March 2014 after that date it will be £650 per presentation c/w all travel expenses

Call Jill Brown today direct on 01661 835566 or email


If you’re still using Soda Stream then maybe this presentation is not for you but if you are serious about reducing your electricity bill, we ‘Guarantee’ after the 40 minutes you will save £10,000’s.


To access a free report  by Steve Brambly of Gambica, the trade association for the automation, control, instrumentation and laboratory technology sectors on the true cost of running motor click link below

Click to access Worry%20about%20mpg.pdf

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