The new Excela electronic switch – an affordable, easy to install, 2 wire drop-in instrumentation upgrade

Upgrading from an electromechanical switch to a transmitter could be costly and sometimes overkill for an application. Excela, a general-purpose electronic switch was designed to meet the needs of plant operators looking for an affordable, easy to install, drop-in-upgrade for their aging mechanical switch infrastructure.

Excela is currently available in pressure, differential pressure, and temperature models and is targeted for applications in non-hazardous industries like water & wastewater, power, pulp and paper and food processing, to name but a few.

The easy-to-install electronic switch

Excela is the first switch of its kind. Designed to give plant operators an affordable way to upgrade to electronic performance, Excela has only two wires, so it can be easily dropped in to existing mechanical switch infrastructure.  In fact, this innovative, high-quality electronic pressure and temperature switch delivers everything operators need for better performance at an affordable price.


Excela is especially relevant for industrial plant upgrades, offering ease of maintenance and accompanying low costs, electronic switches can be installed in existing two-wire mechanical switch infrastructure. Upgrades to ruggedly reliable and state-of-the-art technology are simple, swift and inexpensive. Unlike other options, which necessitate the reprogramming of set points or other adjustments making the transition complicated and costly, electronic switches offer an easy alternative.

Excela at a glance

  • Easy integration with PLC, DCS and I/O card (8 – 50 VDC input). This is achieved with Excela’s 2 wire power and signal patented design.
  • Precise control and performance. Programmable deadband can be adjusted up to 99% of sensor operating range and a switch accuracy of 0.5%.
  • Local visual indication of operational status. Red/Green LED indicator on LCD display to annunciate normal or alarm condition.
  • Weatherproof construction. Excela is NEMA 4X and IP66 certified for use in both outdoor and indoor applications.

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