The new innovative EDV Port Repair and Inspection Kit is the innovative, fast and highly cost-effective solution for the repair of damaged Autoclave type cones, SAE, JIC Rupture, Bespoke Head Units and other various Ports

The exact and demanding standards involved with medium and high pressure containing ports means the piping systems and components they are machined into are high risk pieces of equipment where even the slightest damage, or lack of surface finish, to a port will invalidate their use.

Any damage often involves employing specialist external engineers, services and equipment to re-machine and test the port feature. A very expensive and time consuming process for remote onshore or offshore oil & gas facilities – until now.

The recent success that EDV achieved with the launch of their specialised ‘one hit’ custom-designed Port Tooling for the Oil and Gas industry has lead them on to develop a unique and easy-to-use, manual or battery powered Port Repair and Inspection Kit (Patent Pending).

Should a port suffer damage during installation, maintenance or at any stage of the component’s life, the repair kit can bring the seat detail back to its original standard, ensuring a quality seal face. Port details can also be repaired and inspected during the manufacture process with the work piece in place on the machine, using the same easy-to-use EDV Kit.

This is a much cleaner, faster, cheaper and more effective way to repair damaged seat details in Autoclave, SAE, Jic, Rupture, Bespoke Head Units and various other Ports.

The EDV Port Repair Kit becomes even more cost-effective when a port feature fails a pressure test during assembly or installation. The stripping down process could then prove to be extremely time consuming and costly, particularly if the component has to be re-machined. By following the simple step-by-step procedures using the EDV Repair and Inspection Kit, a customer can be quickly back in production with a QA sign off for the port.

The revolutionary and simplified inspection process includes an inspection plug and ancillary equipment to provide a quick, effective and easy-to-use inspection method for an on-site repair or during the component manufacturing process.

Benefits include –

*  Repairs component to its original specification

*  Downtime is dramatically reduced from days to minutes

*  Designed for use in machine shops, OEM assembly shops, offshore rigs &

platforms, remote onshore locations.

*  No power is required for those remote locations.

*  It is environmentally sound, and easy to clean out with its water based solution

*  No risk of cross contamination on to component material

*  Available for next day delivery

To find out more contact – EDV UK on +44 (0)1142 421144 or email


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