The Solano AT Comfortable, Safe, Calibrated Digitally networked hot air blower

Leister’s SOLANO AT is a powerful, quiet, and lightweight heat gun for professional plastic welding, heating, shrinking and drying applications. Equipped with a brushless, long-lasting motor, the Solano AT is particularly quiet at less than 65 db.  Including unique protection features such as configurable restart protection, active cool-down function and easy to install burn protection, the Solano AT is a safe choice for various hot air applications.

Thanks to the device calibration function on your Solano AT, features like the energy saving Eco-Mode, which saves up to 40% energy, or calibrating a temperature curve are easy to configure and transferable via the myLeister app through the NFC interface. The device calibration feature allows you to set the exact hot air temperature needed in the nozzle with assurance that the temperature matches the display. This is an unbeatable advantage, particularly for temperature-sensitive applications or whilst using temperature-sensitive materials, ensuring gentle processing and superior processed products.

The read and write function of the myLeister app allows settings to be transferred easily to an unlimited number of Leister devices, a particular advantage for achieving process reproducibility in large production plants where many Leister devices are in use.  The read function helps you monitor, reading out and checking defined configurations on Leister devices, even when the devices are not connected to the power supply.

With reliability, process stability, precision and reproducibility, Leister’s Solano AT puts manual calibration, process inaccuracies and the tedious creation of documents firmly in the past.

Take advantage of the Configuration Management service in your myLeister app right away to easily calibrate your Solano AT to meet your specific process requirements.

Developed by Leister – the leading name in plastic welding applications, the Solano AT is supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.

For further information and technical advice for equipment in this field, please contact Welwyn Tool Group on 0800 856 0057, email them on, or visit their website


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