Tinytag Data Loggers: A simple solution for process monitoring and quality validation

Tinytag data loggers are used across the manufacturing sector to put valuable process, quality and energy data at the fingertips of manufacturers.

Tinytags combine simple and robust design with high accuracy to provide manufacturers with a cost-effective, reliable and straightforward measuring device, which is trusted to monitor critical processes, enhance quality testing and help save energy.

Key benefits of using Tinytags include:

  • Portability – take a flexible approach to monitoring with compact units that can easily be transferred between monitoring locations.
  • Rugged design – Tinytags are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • Wide range of measurements – compatibility with a variety of probes enables Tinytags to monitor temperatures of extreme heat and cold.
  • In-house certificated calibration service – confirm and prove the accuracy of Tinytag data loggers with a calibration service that is traceable to National Standards.
  • 35 years of data logging experience – UK manufacturer Gemini Data Loggers is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, designing and manufacturing data loggers for over three decades.

The Tinytag Range

The Tinytag range of data loggers measure temperature, relative humidity, voltage, current, count and energy.

Tinytags offer three types of connectivity: USB (stand-alone), Radio and LAN.

Manufacturers can mix-and-match different types of data logger within a data logging system to customise it according to the needs of their application and site infrastructure.

The range includes:

Case studies

Tinytags are trusted by many manufacturers to bring them reliable data.

High-heat temperature monitoring: Tinytag Thermocouple data loggers are used in the manufacturing of ocular prostheses to measure the temperatures achieved during the heat-curing cycle of medical-grade acrylic.

Quality control in medical manufacturing: Tinytag Ultra 2 dual-channel temperature and relative humidity data loggers are trusted by manufacturers of medical incubated workstations to validate their performance in the final product testing and quality control stages of manufacture.

Assessing power usage in high-consumption facilities: Tinytag Energy data loggers monitor the energy usage of manufacturing equipment, helping to identify where energy savings can be made.

See Tinytag for Manufacturing Case Studies

For more information about Tinytag data loggers and how they can help your application, get in touch with Gemini Data Loggers at (+44) 01243 813000 or info@tinytag.info, or visit our website www.geminidataloggers.com

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