TME’s MM7100 Thermobarscan – The Exciting New Face Of Tempeature Measurement

The MM7100 Thermobarscan – an innovative digital thermometer featuring integral barcode scanning, programmable alarms and Bluetooth communication – made a big impact during 2015, attracting new sales in Europe, China and Australia, and is now shortlisted for a national FM innovation award.

What’s new about it?

The MM7100 combines high accuracy temperature measurement, integral barcode scanning and Bluetooth communications to scan, record and display not only the temperature, time and date of each measurement but also the unique identity of any product, process or test point.

Up to 1000 separate measurements can be stored on the instrument at any one time before downloading to PC, using free open-source software and a choice of either Bluetooth communication or USB interface. .

The MM7100 is also compatible with all standard thermocouple temperature sensors and probes, and can also be supplied with an infra-red sensor, further widening its appeal

Users can program alarm limits for individual targets, locations and test points, making it a bespoke solution for many different temperature applications. They can also devise their own remedial action recommendations or instructions which display when an alarm limit is triggered. This can be varied from instrument to instrument or applied globally to a family of instruments.

Who does it appeal to?

The MM7100 ThermoBarScan – designed and manufactured by UK by temperature specialists, TM Electronics (UK) Ltd – attracted considerable attention in 2015 at Germany’s Anuga FoodTec exhibition, appealing to engineers in a wide range of food processing and manufacturing industries.

Throughout 2015, the unique features and versatility of the MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode range continued to impress at Birmingham’s IT Food and Drink Summit, the London Design Centre’s Casual Dining and Lunch! exhibitions and Manchester’s Healthcare Estates Conference.

To top it all, the TME MM7100 was shortlisted at the beginning of 2016 for Tomorrow’s FM Top Products and Services Award.

What does the inventor say?

Tom Sensier, MD at TME – and also the inventor of the MM7100 – is excited by the potential of his innovation, which has now been trialled and sold in many countries.

“In 2015 I predicted the MM7100 would be the next generation in handheld temperature measurement – offering an incredibly efficient and sustainable temperature log book that’s truly accessible. With sales of the new instrument on the rise and its ability to integrate with existing systems and computer apps, the potential is very promising indeed.”

Follow this link to watch Tom Sensier explaining the main features and benefits of the MM7100 ThermoBarScan

Follow this link to read more on the MM7100 ThermoBarScan and to vote in the Tomorrow’s FM awards Voting open until Friday 18th March with results announced in April 2016.

For full information about all the products in TME’s MM7100 range and compatible probes and sensors visit or contact TME Sales at or tel +44 (0)1903 700651.




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