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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems from Power Continuity really provides the ultimate Power Protection Solutions. For all mission critical business operations, absolutely require no question about it, Total NO Break Power Protection Solutions, 24 hours a day. For all Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, we at Power Continuity always ensure that our installations can be remotely activated or 24/7 automatically activated, in the event of a power failure. Providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption.
How do we do ensure that you have real uninterruptible power systems that actually work, when you need them. By Installing a Power Continuity fully automatic Uninterruptible Power Supply System. Before we begin, we carry out a detailed power survey to identify your power risks, then we design from the ground up your automatic fully installed Uninterruptible Power Supply System to ensure that after installation, external power outages will never again cause your site operational issues.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems that work 365 days of the year.

PowerContinuity can actually prevent the damage to your equipment caused by sudden voltage drop and power outages, by installing the correct UPS system for your site.
We never force you to purchase an ‘in house’ brand.
You have the right to the best for your site not simply an ‘own brand’ UPS.
UPS  Power Protection Solutions Installation from Power Continuity Ltd.

Do you need a Seamless Power Protection Solution from PowerContinuity?

Even 1000kVA Diesel Generators still require dedicated UPS systems.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems eliminate ALL and EVERY disruption caused by random power dips, spasmodic brown outs, over voltages as well as undervoltages, as long as they are the correct technical specification for the site. Not every UPS is configured the same way.
Static UPS can handle data loads. Heavy machinery and motor drives require Rotary Fly wheel UPS systems.

Whatever the size generator you require or whatever the size of your site load, Power Continuity have already installed the system before and our customers rely on our performance to protect their profitability, every day.

With Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, you get instant relief from:-

Brown outs – Yes, they do happen too, especially during the coming Winter months these have the same impact as Power Dips. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems will prevent them, once and for all.

Over voltage & Under Voltage – Even momentary Over Voltage will knock out machinery, inverters and robots. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems will eliminate these power outages too.

Power outages – Gird failures whether 2 minutes, or 2 hours are a reality.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems do ensure True NO Break Power for your production facility, data centre, laboratory, aerospace facility, by designing a bespoke PowerContinuity System to protect A Feed & B Feeds.

100% Automatic Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems for TRUE 24/7 Power Continuity. That’s our Bespoke Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Generators & UPS systems provide operational functionality 24/7

For 100% Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems call Power Continuity

We Design. We build. We Install. No If’s or Buts.
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Installed & maintained Power Continuity

Call us on 0845 055 8455 We’re here to help 24/7

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