UV LEDs the next generation give you the freedom to design almost anything

YOU would be surprised where LEDs help us in our everyday lives – they pop up in water purifying apparatus and printers, in fridges and currency detectors and in air conditioners helping to keep you cool.
And with nearly four decades of experience Witney, Oxfordshire, company Selectronic can provide you with all the help you need with your products requiring LEDs.
Marking 40 years in the field of LEDs in 2019, Selectronic have built a reputation as experts in opto-electronic technologies.

That experience is built on a solid background with engineering resources and knowledge in their offices in the UK and in China.
“Our team are dedicated to finding the best solution for any project in terms of price, performance and quality,” said MD Kevin Dry. “That dedication results in a bespoke solution that fulfils our customers’ requirements.

“We are industry specific and by using our extensive experience and specialist knowledge we will help to innovate and select the right solution based on the key requirements of an application.”

Selectronic are partners and European distributors of LEDs for market leaders Honglitronic (Hongli Zhihui Group Co. Ltd) based in China. Founded in 2004, Honglitronic are one of the largest high quality LED packaging manufacturers in China and specialise in the production and development of SMD, COB, High Powered, Automotive, UV Infrared LEDs etc.

“All of our production is in Asia in facilities fully audited by us,” said Dry. “Each facility fulfils the requirements needed by our customers’ specific industries and applications.”

With a purpose built facility providing full customer support including warehousing, Selectronic welcomes customers to visit and talk directly. On site there are excellent meeting and communication capabilities that allow for the full resources of the company and it’s suppliers to be called up in support of project design requirements.

“This in-house capability demonstrates the commitment Selectronic has in providing a high quality service and back up from an environment specifically created for the task of exceeding customer requirements.

The company’s technical support includes electrical design (circuit design, substrate design and substrate moulding); components assembly (SMT and lens assembly); thermal optimisation (thermal resistance test sting and treat transfer system optimisation), optical design (angle and lens design), and supporting material including UV ink, paint adhesives etc.

For more information, contact the Selectronic Sales Office on 01993 778 000 or email sales@selectronic.co.uk

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