Vacuum and Closure Detection – Food & Beverage Applications

ADR-50D Inspection Systems using positive contact technology provide more precise detection vacuum and miniscule mechanical canning faults at variable line speeds up to 2000cpm to maintain optimum consumer satisfaction and product loyalty supplied at a competitive cost.

Precise cost-effective quality-assurance and control of internal vacuum or container closure-integrity in conserved or packaged food products ensures the consistent shelf life and quality

Monitoring 100% of containers continuously for closure-integrity and internal vacuum, or pressure, conditions at variable line speeds from 10 cpm up to 2000 cpm our ADR Inspection Systems detects a range of defective conditions in metal, glass and plastic containers.

Continuous Rotary Cooker protection benefits is provided by ensuring that a major cause of blockage and breakdown and lost production is detected and  eliminated.

Faulty containers will be effectively rejected from variable speed process conveyors without encoders.

Many processors using several hundred systems in Europe, Africa and Mid-east over decades testifies to their satisfaction with the detection performance and support provided.

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