Van Beek and Entecon supply powder transport for Egyptian SIPES

Van Beek was commissioned by the English company Entecon to supply three specially designed tubular conveyors to the Egyptian paint factory SIPES. These screw conveyors tip various raw materials for paint from storage silos into dissolvers (mixers), all in the correct quantities.


Sipes is the trade name for quality paint in the Arab world. The factory of this leading paint manufacturer is located in the city ‘10th of Ramadan’ near Cairo. It is a progressive company equipped with the most modern equipment where both water based and solvent based coatings (such as acrylic paints, plastic coating products and alkyd based paint types) are produced.

Manufacture of paint

The manufacture of paint comprises a number of phases. It starts with pre-mixing (pre-dispersing) in which the raw materials are weighed and metered. This is followed by milling (dispersing) and mixing where the remaining components of the recipe are added. The final phases are filling and cleaning.

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