Veeco’s Propel 300 GaN MOCVD System for 5G, Photonics and CMOS

Fully Automated, Single Wafer Cluster System Enables Production 5G RF, Photonics and advanced CMOS Devices on 300mm Substrates.

The Propel™ 300 MOCVD System fully automated single wafer cluster system is the only industry proven GaN MOCVD tool that enables production of 5G RF, Photonic and advanced CMOS devices on 300mm substrates.

Featuring a single-wafer reactor platform, the Propel 300mm system is capable of producing best-in-class, high quality epitaxy films on 300mm wafers for with exceptional uniformity, repeatability and yield. The Propel 300mm System is configurable with up to 3 modular cluster chambers and offers automated cassette to cassette handling for maximum flexibility and productivity.

The single-wafer reactor is based on Veeco’s leading TurboDisc® design including the IsoFlange™ and SymmHeat™ technologies that provide laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer. Customers can easily transfer processes from the Veeco single wafer reactor Propel and Propel HVM systems to the Propel 300mm GaN MOCVD system for fast development to production.

About Veeco

Veeco (NASDAQ: VECO) is an innovative manufacturer of semiconductor process equipment. Our proven ion beam, laser annealing, lithography, MOCVD and single wafer etch & clean technologies play an integral role in the fabrication and packaging of advanced semiconductor devices. With equipment designed to optimize performance, yield and cost of ownership, Veeco holds leading technology positions in the markets we serve. To learn more about Veeco’s systems and service offerings, visit

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