VIBROTEST 80 – Field Balancer, Data Collector and/or Vibration Analyser

VIBROTEST 80 is the newest vibration measurement handheld from Brüel & Kjær Vibro. Its lightweight, rugged compact design makes it ideal for route-based data collection, and it can easily be upgraded to a comprehensive four-channel vibration measurement device providing extensive analysis and balancing functionality.

The VIBROTEST 80 is a compact version of the VIBROPORT 80 handheld, with the same data collection, analysis and balancing functionality but with a smaller screen.


Despite the extensive functionality offered by the VIBROTEST 80, the user-friendly design lends itself to both inexperienced operators and specialists alike. Its modular concept gives it the necessary flexibility and scalability to tackle the simplest as well as the most demanding customer requirements, in a cost effective way. The instrument is also available in an Ex version (ATEX certificate) for use in explosive environments.


The instrument is available in packages tailored to the user’s application. The Field Balancer package, for example, include all basic accessories, sensors, robust carrying case, and the powerful Report Examiner Software. This dedicated machine balancing package includes:

  • One or two-plane field balancing (static/dynamic)
  • Ultrafast Two-plane balancing through innovative prognosis function
  • Large one or two-plane polar plot display
  • Two-plane balancing with one or two vibration sensors
  • Adjustable target value for residual vibration display (colour coding)
  • Free choice of adjustment method (polar, fixed location, fixed mass)


VIBROTEST 80 can easily be extended to a comprehensive vibration measurement instrument by modules that are also available in the “Analyzer” and “Data Collector” packages. These include the Report & Route Manager Software which provides the user with full plant wide Condition Monitoring capability. This software also allows users to set up customized reports and to post-process and analyze measurement data.


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