Water Pollution Management Service Launched

A SPECIALIST service has been launched by Hydro International to help industrial and commercial sites avoid the devastating environmental and financial consequences of inadequate pollution spill containment.

Water Pollution Management (WPM) is a whole-life service that combines risk assessment, hydraulic modelling, project implementation and ongoing regulatory compliance to achieve peace of mind for sites where potentially polluting substances are present.

The service has been launched by Hydro Consultancy, the professional services division of Hydro International and David Cole one of the UK’s best-known experts in pollution containment techniques and technologies has been recruited to lead the team.

“Many companies may be seriously underestimating the risk of a polluted surface water discharging from their site,” warns Cole. “Companies could incur huge financial losses through punitive fines and as well as paying to put right the damage caused, in the worst case an unforeseen pollution incident could cripple a company through criminal or civil prosecutions and unaffordable costs.”

“Operators often find their insurance is inadequate to cover the risks, or they may be paying unnecessarily high premiums because they are not able to provide evidence that they have fully mitigated their environmental liabilities.”

Hydro’s unique service begins with a full survey of the site drainage and topography, from which an integrated hydraulic model is produced. The hydraulic model is used to analyse each site’s current level of protection and then Hydro’s recommended pollution containment system is modelled for a range of events including extreme rainfall and firefighting water.

The experienced Hydro Consultancy project team will then implement the recommended scheme. When activated, it will provide a rapid “lock-down” of the potential pollution pathways in the designated area. The spill will then be managed and drained according to a predetermined emergency response.

Once operational, Hydro Consultancy can also deliver a whole-life protection service programme which will support the necessary annual Environmental Audit conformance as well as site training, maintenance and inspection services

David Cole adds: “Proper consideration of how surface water is discharging to the environment, should be on the agenda of any company that is keen to act sustainably. Inadequate pollution spill protection is a threat to a company’s brand equity, as well as its Corporate and Social Responsibility. Careful and sustainable use of water resources, especially ground water, is of growing concern to industry, especially where water is used in production processes.”

Indicative Pollution & Flooding 2D Overland Flowpath Mapping

For more information, please contact David Cole on 01275 878371 or email dcole@hydro-consultancy.com

Visit Website: www.hydro-consultancy.com

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