Weber 4050 Pallet Applicator Bar Code Scan System

The Weber 4050P Pallet Applicator is designed to label pallets on two adjacent sides without having to stop the pallet. This differentiates the system from other Pallet Applicators in the market and makes the 4050P one of the fastest systems available capable of labelling up to 420 pallets per hour. However with Pallet Labelling there is sometimes the requirement to validate that the barcodes printed are able to be scanned and also that the label has been applied to the product.

The 4050P Pallet Applicator is able to meet these criteria, however in cases where this is required the pallet has to be stopped to ensure that if incorrect labels are printed then they can be re-printed and applied to the product.


The way in which the 4050P completes these processes is as follows:

Weber position a Bar Code Scanner in the gap between Print Engine and Tamp Pad. This scanner will read the barcodes as the label passes onto the tamp pad.

The Pallet is stopped in the correct position awaiting labelling.

If the bar codes read correctly then the labelling process takes place as normal.

If any of the bar codes are not correct then the label will be applied to the product but no signal will be sent to move the pallet to the next position or along the conveyor. Instead the scan of failure will instigate a Re-Print Function of the system whereby the last label printed will be re-printed.

This label will then be passed onto the tamp pad and will be read as it moves past the scanner – If the codes are readable then the process continues as normal. If incorrect the label will be applied and the Re-Print function will activate again.

If there are three consecutive failures (of a number set by the customer) then the machine will stop and error messages will be sent.

Once a label has been printed and is positioned on the Tamp Pad, the “Label on Pad” sensor is activated. This shows that a label has been printed and is ready to be applied. LA4050P_202E5172

If there is a failure in the vacuum and the label falls off the pad before application to the pallet then the sensor will send an error message to alert that there is a problem with the label whereby the operator can reset the machine and resolve any issues.

The Label is applied to the product using a “Gimbal” or spring loaded Tamp Pad which means that there is contact between the Tamp Pad and Product. It is only at the point when the Tamp Pad touches the product that the Label On Pad Sensor is de activated showing that the label has been applied to the product.


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