Why Switch Your Nitrogen Gas Source?

Many organisations currently using Nitrogen gas are tied to a gas company for supply, delivery, high pressure tank changes, and even gas storage. There are so many steps in the process of securing a steady flow of Nitrogen gas for your needs, but many can be eliminated by switching to a gas generator.

Nitrogen Generators separate Nitrogen from the surrounding air and feed it to a N2 receiver tank for continuous use in a wide range of industrial processes. These include chemical blanketing, food packaging, wave soldering and reflow ovens.

How Can a Nitrogen Generator Produce Measurable ROI?

With a Nitrogen gas generator, and producing your own gas at your facility, you can put an end to many of the expenses associated with gas supply. By using just the N2 gas you need, when you need it, and at the flow rate you require, you reduce waste and excess costs.

Measuring Your ROI

Measuring your Return on Investment helps you find out how quickly, and by how much a nitrogen Generator will positively impact your bottom line. Once you install a nitrogen generator, you will start saving on the excess expenses (like storage and delivery), and operational and administrative time. You will also see an improvement in your efficiency with less down time for tank changeouts.

By adding up your current monthly outgoings, then subtracting your initial investment for a generator, you’ll see how quickly you can achieve a positive result.

All Titan N2 nitrogen generators are designed specifically for use in industrial and laboratory environments. Our extensive experience and knowledge of dealing with the products across various industries ensures we can design, deliver and integrate our range to meet your bespoke needs.

Our gas generators are small, quiet and offer instant access to newly produced gas. Their designs are industry specific, offering consistent quality and flexibility to laboratories of all sizes. They cater to a variety of applications from evaporating solvents and switching valves to purging chambers and many beyond

Please visit titan-n2.com to view our full range of products or contact us on 0333 2000 502.

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