World’s First 4G ATEX Zone 1 Smartphone Now Shipping!

The Smart-Ex 01 is an ultra-rugged smartphone and is the first Zone 1 device to run the latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system. You can now scan an RFID tag, capture inspection data, communicate with colleagues and take a high quality picture of a defect using just one device.

The latest ecom smartphone puts work orders, permits, historical photographs and CMMS data in the palm of your hand. ecom understand the challenges faced in modern day hazardous areas and guarantee that we are able to show you multiple uses for the Smart-Ex 01 that will make your life easier, more efficient and safer.

The Smart-Ex 01 is the ideal companion for mobile workers who need to be able to contact people while they are in Zone 1, Zone 2 or other hazardous areas due to its exceptional 4G LTE connectivity.

The IP68 rated Smart-Ex 01 has a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2 display, which is extremely bright and fully readable in direct sunlight, as well as being usable while wearing gloves. The optional built-in camera (8MP rear and 1MP front) enables users to photograph problems they find while on site and clearly communicate those issues with a control centre.

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To find out more about the Smart-Ex 01 and the range of applications it can be used for, contact ecom on 01642 465 400 or visit

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