You can’t see all particulates…

Air Quality for 800i

How often do you hear ‘I need some fresh air’? Why do we say that? Maybe it’s because you simply want a break from office or work colleagues!? But it may be because the indoor air you are breathing in is contaminated. Indoor air contains significantly higher levels of contaminants than outside air.

The effects of these contaminants can cause irritation, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and asthma. So have you ever considered that when you’re having an ill day that it could be the effects of the air quality in your workplace?

Companies are continuously trying to identify how prevent poor indoor air quality and how to monitor this effectively. With the ever increasing awareness of health and safety issues and the impact of poor air quality in the workplace there has been an increase in demand for processes when dealing with air quality.

There are various monitoring solutions available to you, please see the Shawcity Air Quality website section to find out more.

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