Your HART Data Released at the Speed of Ethernet With the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System

Timely knowledge about your process enables better decisions and faster preventive action.  The HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System from Moore Industries delivers the process detail you need from your Smart HART devices to MODBUS/TCP and HART-IP based monitoring and control systems at the speed of Ethernet.

The rugged HES supports HART 5, 6 and 7 devices with sufficient memory to handle thousands of process variables, and diagnostic data points from up to 64 connected smart HART devices. The HES allows you to further leverage your industrial Ethernet investment by making all of this valuable HART data viewable with any web browser or MODBUS/TCP host. The HES also supports HART-IP, allowing any of the connected HART device variables, HES variables, or diagnostics to be monitored over Ethernet with a HART-IP compliant host.

To learn more about the HES, visit the HES catalog page, download the data sheet, or contact us for a quote. Call 44 (0) 1293 514488 today

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