Davall DSG now supply FOOD BLUE gears

Davall DSG is a leading UK manufacturer of gears. In recent years we have teamed up with Italian technical moulding specialist Stagnoli srl.

Stagnoli have their history rooted in the production of components used on outdoor equipment [door opening etc], concentrating on coarse pitch racks and sprockets. In recent years they have focused their production towards the high quality market of spur and bevel gearing, either as standard catalogue parts [grey glass filled nylon] or custom designs.

Stagnoli has realised there is a demand for high quality product, so have developed a range of spur and bevel gears, produced in FDA & EU certified materials, specifically for use within food preparation equipment. The materials used are classic Italian “azzuri blue” in colour, which, coincidentally, is the same colour used for components which come in contact with food.

The materials used are fully certified, special polyamide based techno-polymer, reinforced with glass fibres. These techno-polymers have the inherent qualities of being able to run without lubrication. Life of the gears is enhanced with the use of lubricant, either Molykote PG65 Plastislip or Beslux Plex 778/A

more information on available parts is available through the web site


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