21 good reasons for the SANHA-Box!

Installers know the situation: water connections have to be installed requiring both planning and time, small parts all gathered together and sorted, with the various tools made ready. But now, that‘s all a thing of the past – thanks to the practical SANHA-Box range. Every installation box contains all the necessary connections, ready to fit, for easy connection to the piping system – including effective acoustic and thermal insulation and condensate protection. All this, within one easy to fix unit.

For drinking water installations

The entire SANHA-Box range for drinking water installations is made exclusively from silicon bronze CuSi lead-free system press fittings which emit no harmful lead into the drinking water – not only do you save substantial time and installation costs, you also gain the knowledge that your installation reliably meets the stringent drinking water regulation specifications! The practical SANHA-Box range comes in many versions: Preconfigured boxes are available for wash basins and sinks, through baths and showers, and onto water meter connections.

White Goods Installations

The SANHA-Box is, of course, highly suited to installation in conjunction with compact radiators, washing machines and other appliances. By installing the connections in the wall, there is no need to install pipes under the floor, making subsequent floor cleaning and future maintenance considerably easier. At the same time, pipe strains are stabilised, insulation improved and associated noises effectively prevented.

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