4 Reasons Why Electric Cars Feature Lithium-Ion Batteries

When it comes to the manufacturing of electric cars, there are various battery options available on the market. As the battery is responsible for powering up the motor, it plays an integral role in the overall function of electric vehicles.

While Zebra, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydrides are all used in electric car manufacturing, there is one battery variant that is a clear leader above the rest: lithium-ion. First commercialized in consumer electronics like laptops, lithium-ion batteries are now used in electric vehicles by major manufacturers, including Nissan and Renault.

As for the benefits they supply, below are four main reasons why electric cars often feature lithium-ion batteries.

1. Longevity

A lithium-ion battery has a reputation for being able to stick around on a long-term basis. In fact, a large-capacity lithium-ion battery pack has the potential to last for eight years or longer.

This is advantageous for obvious reasons. If you’re manufacturing an electronic car that includes lithium-ion technology, your able to accurately promote the longevity of your electronic device. Plus, you won’t have to replace the battery with a new one constantly.

2. Low maintenance

The low maintenance of lithium-ion is an advantage it holds other most other battery types on the market. The battery’s life doesn’t have to be prolonged by scheduled cycling, and no memory is needed. This results in less maintenance being required for the engines of electric cars.

3. Fast charging

As lithium-ion batteries are fast to charge, this is another selling point for electric car manufacturers. Those who own electric cars don’t want to be left idle waiting for hours for their vehicles to charge. They want to be able to quickly charge their automobile and get on with their journey.

In addition, it is possible to ‘opportunity charge’ the battery. This means a lithium-ion battery doesn’t require a full charge in-between usage.

4. A positive environmental impact

As with using electric cars in general, lithium-ion batteries have a much greater environmental impact than fossil fuel alternatives. They are helping to reduce the level of carbon emissions in the atesmosphere and environment.

Aside from helping the planet by increasing the number of electric cars on the road, this is beneficial for manufacturers from a business point of view. Customers appreciate the going green approach in this day and age, as do governments around the world who are now offering incentives to companies that are eco-friendly.

Taking the next step

If you manufacture electric cars or other electronic devices, you can purchase lithium-ion battery materials here. When you take into account the previous advantages, it makes sense why you’d want to opt for this type of battery.

With that said, it is important you buy the right materials. For example, if you don’t have high-quality anode and cathode foils, this is going to result in an inferior lithium-ion battery – and electronic product in general. When you have the right battery construction, however, your product will be significantly benefitted in numerous ways.

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