The Game Changing Single-Use Diaphragm Valve – GEMÜ SUMONDO

As the world’s first single use diaphragm valve, GEMÜ SUMONDO is a major step forward in Single-Use applications. The diaphragm valve body can be easily connected/disconnected from the actuator, it requires significantly less time to replace compared to normal cleaning and sterilization processes (CIP/SIP) in conventional plant. This reduces not only the investment costs, but also eliminates the time-consuming cleaning validation of the piping system/components which is no longer required. Single-Use processes are safer due to the reduced risk of cross contamination. CMOs can also benefit from using a Single-Use plant as it allows them to produce smaller batches of product that are often required in pilot production systems and facilitate shorter lead times. GEMÜ SUMONDO has a panel mount actuator with an optional positioner for flow control and ability to send feedback to the plant control system. Increased levels of automation mean that the systems are less susceptible to faults.

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