New High Precision Roller Chain Developed for the UK’s After-Market

A new high precision Roller Chain, called EXL Chain, is now available in the UK and offers superior quality and durability over standard Roller Chain.

Donghua Limited’s EXL Roller Chain is a premium chain positioned within our new Solution range. Utilising different materials, material treatments and layer technologies, our EXL Roller Chain offers the best possible quality/price ratio for all applications.

Aimed specifically for the UK’s after-market, EXL Chain is designed, manufactured and tested for unbeatable accuracy and performance in arduous conditions, offering enhanced wear and fatigue resistance and greater precision than our Standard Roller Chain range.

New hardened, shot-peened wide waist plates deliver increased fatigue strength and a seamless cold forged solid bush and roller give full contact between the pin, bushing and roller for higher durability. Optimised cylindrical parts improve sliding contacts which help increase service life.

Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, says: “The new EXL Chain has been specifically developed to incorporate Donghua’s unique Easy Break Technology. This unique feature enables EXL Chain to be cut in the field using Donghua Plate Extractor tools.”

“I’m thrilled to introduce this new Solution Chain to the UK and we’ve been pleased with the response so far from our Stockists who are keen to see a new design of chain which offers significant benefits over standard Roller Chain.”

Donghua EXL Roller Chain is supplied pre-loaded with 40-50% of the breaking load. Roller Chains can be matched in pairs to close tolerances in our UK workshop.  For chain lengths over 5 meters, the chain can be supplied matched & tagged for fitting in sequence.

Pre-lubricated as standard, using high performance synthetic lubricant ensures high workload performance in arduous and abrasive conditions.

Donghua EXL Roller Chains are available in standard pack sizes of five metres, reels available on request, and bespoke cut-to-length sizes. Available in British standard 06B to 32B, American standard ANSI 35 to ANSI 160 in simplex and duplex ex-stock. All Donghua Chains are marked with production batch codes for full traceability.

With increased precision, higher wear resistance and greater fatigue resistance, EXL Chain is the Roller Chain solution of choice for UK stockists.

Download our new EXL catalogue from our website or call 01902 866200 to request a copy.

Watch our video which demonstrates how Donghua’s Easy Break technology works.

Search our interactive UK map to find your nearest Donghua Chain supplier.

For more information about Donghua’s EXL Chain email: or call the team on 01902 866 200.

Donghua Limited is the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers. Our UK headquarters in the West Midlands boasts a 25,000 square foot warehouse, a fully equipped technical workshop and an on-site testing laboratory. We have been supplying chain direct in the UK under the Donghua brand for over 10 years. Prior to 2009, the Donghua Group sold chain in the UK under different brand names for over 20 years.

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