6 Steps to Reuse Wastewater and Reduce Operation Costs

Welcome to VentilAQUA. The restart of the business after these pandemic restrictions brings new challenges to the companies. However, despite the difficulties and the hard work to do, companies still have to comply with the legal regulations, and for the sake of us and the sake of our future, you should still look in ways to reduce environmental footprint and improve treatment efficiencies. We can help with that. We believe that, together, we can make a better place to live. Let us explain how:

Reducing pollution costs

Introducing new and advanced technologies will allow your company to improve treatment efficiencies. We can reduce the reagent dosage, the electrical costs, the sludge production, the plant footprint, thus reduce treatment costs. In some cases, these reductions might reach almost 100%. Using Advanced Oxidation Processes with on-site oxidant production, we can eliminate the purchase of external products, for instance.

Reducing reagents use in wastewater treatment

With Electrocoagulation processes, one of the most interesting Advanced Oxidation processes, can eliminate the use of chemical reagents for coagulation and generate a coagulation process with only electricity and metal electrodes, some sacrificial. This reduction will reduce costs, reduce conductivity, and salinity from the use of coagulant salts (present in most coagulant reagents), reduce chemical logistics. A very critical point in most metal-plating industries, which use lime and other coagulants for metal precipitation.

Improving reject contamination

Some contaminants are difficult to remove, either because recalcitrant or hard to combine with other reagents. Nonbiodegradable COD is usually an indicator of this, with dissolved values on the lower scale, but still, contaminant and non complying with regulations. Using Advanced Oxidation processes will allow them break down resistant molecules and allow them to be degradable and removed, thus reducing the recalcitrant COD levels. In most cases, even with the best treatment plant with traditional technologies, this is the only way to reach compliance levels. This is especially true for the chemical, pharma, and detergents industry.

Reducing water pollution and wastewater production

Reaching another level for wastewater treatment might allow for water reuse, thus reducing wastewater production, rejection fees, and compliance risks. Industries like textile, serigraphic, glass, ceramic, car wash, can easily reuse their wastewaters with the proper advanced solutions. 90% and more reuse rates are easily attainable, which is also a huge opportunity for cost reductions and environmental footprint reduction. Your company can reduce the environmental footprint improving treatment efficiencies.

Increasing wastewater reuse

VentilAQUA works daily on wastewater treatment solutions that make the water reuse an act of sustainability. Treating wastewater to send them down to sewer makes little sense these days. Treating and reusing wastewater can cut by more than 90% of the costs associated with freshwater. Reusing treated wastewaters either back in the industrial process itself or other applications, as toilet flushing, general washings, irrigation, cooling towers blow down compensation, etc. All of this without requiring major investments and without a lot of complexity in most cases.

Reducing environmental footprint

We offer a wide range of technical possibilities and technologies to treat and reuse your wastewater. We are specialists in Advanced Oxidation Processes, in Electrocoagulation, in the Fenton process, in acid stripping, and more. All of these technologies allow you to remove the hardest molecules and contaminants to make your wastewater safe, proper, and ready for reuse. all of these technologies comply with all imposed environmental standards. Reducing the environmental footprint is a priority for VentilAQUA. Together, we want to protect everyone’s future.

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