European launch of the new MoldMan 1050 Table-top Low Pressure Moulding Machine.

The new MoldMan™ 1050 from Engineering Solution Ltd ( ™), is a highly capable, table top, low pressure moulding machine, ideal for encapsulating electronics from prototyping to small or medium size runs. The machine will be on display for the first time in Europe at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show, February 9th – 11th.

Built to a high performance specification with all the capabilities of larger systems, the MoldMan 1050 has been engineered with the proven standards for which MoldMan™ machines are recognised worldwide. Versatile and easy to operate, the system incorporates an array of new state of the art technology into a compact design with a low overall investment cost.

Some of the new MoldMan™ 1050 features unique in this class of machine are:

  • Unique “On Demand” type heat reservoir prevents degradation of hotmelt colours.
  • Temperature controlled hopper helps eliminate material degradation.
  • Small footprint (2’ X 3’) means that it is a true bench top and will fit just about any work space.
  • Pressure feedback transducer delivers repeatable quality.
  • Competitive pricing on advanced process technology PLC controlled gear pump for complex mouldings.
  • Nitrogen blanket option increases material “Pot Life” and pressurizes the system for clear and white Henkel hotmelts, (Technomelt).
  • Processes materials with a viscosity up to 60,000 cPs (Centipoise)

Dave Morris, Managing Director of Engineering Solution Overmould™, commented, “This machine will change the industry. MoldMan has introduced the high quality design, engineering, and manufacturing for which it is known, into a compact table-top unit that can be transported easily and set up just about anywhere.”

“The technologically advanced machine changes the way the industry thinks about material use and efficiency. MoldMan™ has always been the innovator and the leader in low pressure moulding, and nothing performs as well as, or outlasts a MoldMan™ Machine.”

“We should know – we’ve been using them in house in our sub-contract overmoulding facility for over 10 years and have also supplied and installed MoldMan machines all over Europe”.

The MoldMan™ 1050 has been designed to handle materials in a very efficient manner, with its unique “On Demand” type heat reservoir and “Temperature Controlled Hopper”. This unique system liquefies a minimal amount of material prior to injection into the mould to reduce material degradation.

Just like the big systems, a pressure feedback transducer monitors pressure of the material delivery to the cavity to better regulate pressure accuracy, for specific requirements of electronic components and PCBs.

A Nitrogen blanket option is available to increase material “Pot Life” and pressurize the system. Nitrogen displaces oxygen, extending the life of the material, as well as pressurizing material into the pump, increasing consistency, improving the material flow rate.

The MoldMan™ 1050 can process materials with a viscosity of up to 60,000 cPs (Centipoise).

All MoldMan™ Machines are designed to be configurable and used for multiple applications. A world class machine, the MM1050 has all the capabilities to be used for more than one type of project.

As the European distributors of MoldMan machines, Engineering Solution (Overmould) provide sales, service and support on some of the most effective systems on the market today, as well as complete overmoulding subcontract services to customers for low pressure moulding / sealing of electronics.

Moldman 1050

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