Muller Coax have developed a patented energy saving valve which can offer up to 80% power saving on similar sized valves.

The new green line series has been specially developed as an energy efficient series of solenoid valves. For this reason, directly controlled standard valves from Muller coax has been paired with completely new patented control electronics within the terminal box.

The valve has an optical position indicator as standard on the terminal box for the open / closed position, the position indicator as also available as an electrical signal.

Flanged or threaded from 15mm through to 40mm orifice and 100 bar rated the design in the electronic circuitry within the box allows:

  • Different opening / closing speeds at the flick of a switch which helps to eliminate vibration and water hammer in the pipework.
  • Holding voltage as low as 7.5 watts for the smaller 15mm valve reduces the power consumption when energised for long periods and the solenoid remains cold.

For over 60 years muller coax ag has been an innovative leader in the unique design and manufacture of coaxial valves for many varied and arduous applications where many other valves fail.

For further details of this range of valves and the many diverse valving solutions we can offer see our website at www.co-ax.com or contact myself John Osborn on john.osborn@coaxvalves.co.uk // Tel 01908 067583.

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