Comac E-Spray

E-Spray: Electrostatic Hygienization Technology

Disinfect efficiently and effectively across all high touch point areas. Germs and bacteria are quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots. The E-Spray  electrostatically charged spray can reach the entire target area evenly sanitizing every part including those hidden spots.

TMB OptiMist

OptiMist: Compact and Manageable Sanitization Equipment

Sanitization equipment that efficiently distributes disinfectant solutions. In a professional cleaning context the TMB OptiMist significantly reduces the time to sanitize and disinfect areas and surfaces that would otherwise be extremely time consuming using traditional methods.

Comac E-Spray and OptiMist are available at IFMComac. Contact us for information on machines and training:

Watch a Demo of the Comac E-Spray and TMB OptiMist (link =

IFM Comac

At Industrial Floorcare Machines Ltd (IFM Comac) we supply a wide variety of professional

focused cleaning solutions. We provide customers with the best machinery for their individual needs.

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