A Fresh View on Boilerhouse Control


The Unity control system from Byworth Boilers offers an unprecedented level of visibility and control over everything in your boiler house from water treatment, right through to the steam header in one easy to use interface.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.19.18Capable of handling dozens of simultaneous I/O, Unity is suitable for any boiler house from control of a single boiler to complex multi- boiler, multi-fuel installation incorporating waste heat and composite boilers.

Intelligent decisions based on the systems measured values are made to ensure efficient plant operation and reduce operational stress to decrease downtime and increase the plants life cycle.

Unity is able to accept, process and trend various boiler house values including –
• Boiler pressure
• Manifold pressure
• Boiler water level
• Boiler water conductivity
• Hotwell level
• Hotwell temperature
• Blowdown temperature • Flue gas analysis
• Flue Temperature
• Steam, water & fuel flow rates • Gas pressure • And many more ….


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.19.37Accessible via the built-in touch screen or remotely via TCP/IP on a Microsoft Windows based desktop PC; the easy to use interface allows for quick access to trend data, alarm logs, and user controllable functions such as time sequencing, fuel switching, or set point adjustment.

A simple green, amber, red warning system ensures that the operators attention is quickly drawn to the changes in the condition of the plant.

User configurable trends allow operators to assign any system value to trend on separate operator stations.


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.19.49Remote control and monitoring is available via Modbus or TCP/IP as standard with other protocols available on request.

The integration of Modbus throughout makes communicating with burners, inverter drives and field based meters for example extremely simple bringing the full wealth of information from these devices to a central point for processing.

A log of alarms and tests carried out is stored on the local device and can be output to a network printer on the triggering of such an event (such as an alarm or the completion of the boiler weekly test).


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.20.15Unity was developed to monitor and control an entire boiler house installation from one central control point giving the system a significant advantage over using several third party controllers to operate different parts of the boiler house. The networked structure above shows a brief overview of some items that can be controlled and by what means of communication.

As standard the unit will allow the operator to program and monitor the following through the HMI.

  • Time scheduling
  • Selectable setback pressures
  • Night setback
  • Automated two stage cold start
  • Trending of measured values
  • Logging of alarms
  • Automated water level tests
  • Pump automatic rotation
  • Blowdown Times
  • Hints to possible fault causes

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