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CERTUSS Steam Generators

All CERTUSS Steam Generators are type tested according to European Pressure Equipment Guideline DGRL 97/23/EG. CERTUSS offer seven construction groups within their range of fossil fuel Generators with outputs ranging from 80kg/hr to 2000kg/hr and operating pressures of up to 32 Bar G. To accompany the Generator, CERTUSS also offer their CVE Package Plant Module, where all of the associated ancillary items are pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested.

A Fresh View on Boilerhouse Control


The Unity control system from Byworth Boilers offers an unprecedented level of visibility and control over everything in your boiler house from water treatment, right through to the steam header in one easy to use interface.

Use plant space to the maximum

TARGO-VENT – Innovative pressure relief minimises dangers and saves space

For the first time, it’s possible to considerably reduce the areas of risk in an economical way in the case of explosion pressure relief. Usually, the explosion pressure wave and flame jets can only be diverted into secure sectors. This represents a considerable danger in areas with traffic routes. Special, expensive safety measures and safety distances are the consequence. This increases operational costs in the company.

The NEW Ci6x series from X-Rite

The NEW Ci6x series of high-performance portable sphere spectrophotometers from X-Rite Pantone helps you improve quality, accuracy and consistency in QC and QA workflows, and process control!

In plastics, coatings, textiles, ink and any other industry, colour accuracy is an absolute must. The Ci6x system allows manufacturers in any market to achieve consistent measurement readings. Additionally, the Ci6x instruments can help you:


Curtis Instruments UK are delighted to announce that their new enhanced corporate website has gone live  –  at  –  underwriting 40 years of delivering superb vehicle technology solutions to the UK and Ireland.

The site has a fresh new look with a clean, simple layout and user-friendly navigation, all updated with the latest information about our products and services. 

Cirrus Research Helps Ilmor Engineering Overcome Noise Issues

As one of the world’s top racing engine design and manufacturers, noise levels in the workplace have always been an issue for Ilmor Engineering.

But when they won a large contract with the US giant General Motors to design and manufacture a new turbo-charged V6 racing engine for the 2012 IndyCar championship, its managers knew immediately this would result in significantly increased production as well as noise levels across the manufacturing and testing departments.

Fischer UltiMate™ Series now available in its smallest 12mm size

Fischer Connectors extends product range for its rugged connectors for harsh environments

St-Prex, Switzerland, 20 November 2013 – Fischer Connectors, a worldwide leader in circular push-pull connectors, extended its product range for the popular Fischer UltiMate™ Series with the introduction of the size 07. This brand new connector is smaller, more compact and lighter than the current range in the Fischer UltiMate™ Series, but has the same performances as the other sizes in the product line and is therefore perfectly suitable for harsh and extreme environments.

Safety lockout awareness saves hefty fines

Launch of OSHA lockout/tagout website aims to educate about dangers of unguarded work hazards

  • OSHA compliant devices verify conformity with safety regulations
  • Navigation to 21 product categories
  • Six-step OSHA procedure encouraged

Flowplus16 pressure sensor from Intertronics for critical dosing and dispensing

The flowplus16 pressure sensor from Intertronics offers high accuracy monitoring in an innovative design suited to critical dosing and dispensing applications. Accurate in-line pressure sensing can deliver important quality assurance in a whole range of automatic processes; for example, in medical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturing, as well as the wider areas of process control. 

New investment of £180,000 in Heraeus Carbon Infra Red Emitters Allow GI Solutions To Dry Inks at High Speed.

An investment of £180,000 in Carbon infra-red (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight have allowed GI Solutions to achieve the rapid drying of water-based inks at line speeds of up to1000 ft/min (300m/min) on printing machines at their Leicester factory.

Heraeus Carbon Infra-Red Emitters Ensures Perfect PVC Gelling During Manufacture of Flooring Products

Carbon infra-red (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are helping Polyflor of Manchester to ensure perfect gelling of PVC applied to a substrate before the web is further processed under an oil-heated chrome drum. The installation has prevented un-gelled PVC from running off the edges of the substrate, saving product as well as eliminating process and maintenance problems.

Prelubing Industrial Equipment

The rigorous demands on industrial equipment are even more so in cold-weather climates and studies have proven, the majority of engine mechanical wear, almost 90%, occurs at startup. At first crank of the engine, all the oil is in the sump and at the first rotation of the crankshaft the bearings, and all galleys are dry causing metal-to-metal contact to occur damaging the engine over its lifetime. In cold weather  prelube helps to circulate the thick oil prior to cranking. 

Variohm EuroSensor launches new VLPSC linear position sensors with digital signal conditioned voltage or current output

Towcester – UK – October 2013: Variohm EuroSensor’s new VLPSC linear position sensor adds integrated signal conditioning electronics with an autosensing 0 -10 VDC or 4..20 mA proportional digital output in a tried and tested design based on its flagship VLP series potentiometric output sensors. The digital signal conditioner offers a 12-bit resolution with linearity to 0.1% and excellent repeatability in a choice of nine standard measurement ranges from 25 to 290 mm.

Lift Fitters Benefit from Clarity of Online Work-Flow System

The simplicity of the T Cards Direct Online system has enabled interior lift fit-out specialists Marco Interiors to significantly improve the way staff track potential & new projects as well as work in progress.  According to Michelle Bowls at Marco Interiors, one of the major benefits is that it helps to provide better customer service. The fast search facility across all T Cards boards along with the ease of archiving details of completed projects, give her the information she needs quickly.