Lift Fitters Benefit from Clarity of Online Work-Flow System

The simplicity of the T Cards Direct Online system has enabled interior lift fit-out specialists Marco Interiors to significantly improve the way staff track potential & new projects as well as work in progress.  According to Michelle Bowls at Marco Interiors, one of the major benefits is that it helps to provide better customer service. The fast search facility across all T Cards boards along with the ease of archiving details of completed projects, give her the information she needs quickly.

Marco has four authorised users, each with a real-time view of the progress of work . Once all data has been entered and added to the Active Project; the completed card is sent direct to a fitter using the integral EMAIL feature.  This has been a major benefit, fitters receiving direct information. “This eliminates the possibility of incorrect details or parts being sent, it is also much easier and less time consuming”, says Michelle.

The T Cards system continually evolves providing users with additional benefits.

With 50 years of supplying manual based boards, T Cards Direct has used its extensive experience in developing the Online system; creating a truly flexible, easy to use systems giving at-a-glance information. (for manual based systems) (for our web based system)


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