Use plant space to the maximum

TARGO-VENT – Innovative pressure relief minimises dangers and saves space

For the first time, it’s possible to considerably reduce the areas of risk in an economical way in the case of explosion pressure relief. Usually, the explosion pressure wave and flame jets can only be diverted into secure sectors. This represents a considerable danger in areas with traffic routes. Special, expensive safety measures and safety distances are the consequence. This increases operational costs in the company.

With TARGO-VENT the explosion pressure wave, including flames and heat, is diverted into areas that are not at risk.  As it is a top part it restricts the opening angle of the bursting discs, thereby causing a diversion of the pressure and flame front. This enables safety distances to be reduced and the usable floor space to be expanded, due to a more compact setup of machines and equipment. Bursting discs that have already been installed can be simply and quickly retrofitted with TARGO-VENT. TARGO-VENT is, like all REMBE® protection systems, tested to standard and authorised in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. The temperature resistance of TARGO-VENT is adapted according to the existing or intended bursting discs.

As a maintenance-free, passive protection system it protects the opening angle of the respective bursting disc in the outdoors area and allows a more efficient use of existing spaces and infrastructure.

The innovation TARGO-VENT was awarded the 2nd place on the shortlist at the POWTECH/Technopharm trade fair in Nuremberg in May 2013 in the “Apparatus construction and process components” category. A remarkable award for an economic innovation, which in practice has proved to be effective many times.


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