Assembly operations in every industry require precision tools that drive home all types of fixings securely – screws, bolts, nuts, studs – all need to be tightened to the correct torque. Every time without exception.

Makita production tools are extensively used in the vehicle manufacturing world, for construction plant assembly and for domestic goods and process equipment assembly.

The Makita range of cordless production screwdrivers, impact drivers and socket wrenches have built-in micro processor controlled torque setting monitoring, anti-tamper protection, visual and audible correct or incorrect fastening procedure to maximise your production quality. A blue-tooth system can deliver production data to your computer records showing batch counts, torque ratings, error codes and tool performance. Everything you need for production quality assurance.

The Makita Production Tooling range of Assembly Screwdrivers and Angle Socket drivers provide proven durability and reliability, with integral electronic and mechanical safeguards for precise torque accuracy coupled with high rundown speeds, to ensure total compliance with stringent build quality specifications.

Makita production screwdrivers can deliver torque settings from as low as 0.5Nm up to 40Nm with impact drivers generating up to 3000 impacts per minute and 90Nm of torque. The extensive range includes multi-head machines that, for instance, speed the fitting of road wheels for car makers.

In modern manufacturing and assembly plants, every single fixing, from non-critical clips to critical major component assemblies, must be installed to a precise tightening specification to comply with regulations and to maintain the integrity of the assembly throughout the life of the product. Should a volume production component become loose, for instance, the safety recall costs can be both immense in cash terms but the reputational damage can be catastrophic.

Cordless battery powered tools using the latest Lithium-ion battery technology provide total flexibility on the production line as work stations can easily be relocated without the trouble of moving fixed airlines. The risks from trailing airlines is also removed. Li-ion battery performance meets today’s modern production philosophies.

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