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Did you know that switching to energy efficient compressors can save you up to 50% on your running costs?

At Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS), we know compressors inside out – and we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each and every customer. You won’t get pushy sales staff or baffling jargon, just solid, no-nonsense advice from a friendly bunch of Yorkshire folk with many years’ experience in the field.

Magnetic Drive Pumps from Price Pump

Price Pump magnetically driven, seal-less pumps provide a leak-proof solution to today’s most challenging process applications. Top quality materials along with innovative design features result in a pump that delivers excellent performance and durability.

LightWise IQ Smart Cameras! Why this feature set is ideal for Security / Surveillance and for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems):

These features make the IQ Camera Family the most advanced Security / Surveillance and ITS camera in the world.

LightWise Allegro USB3 Cameras ! Why this feature set is ideal for Machine Vision and Microscopy & DNA Fluorescence Imaging

These features make the ISG LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera Family the most advanced Machine Vision and Microscopy/Fluorescence camera in the world.

Dialight’s New 125 Lumen per Watt Vigilant® LED High Bay Now CE Compliant

Next-generation LED High Bay is CE compliant for indoor and outdoor applications and features 10 year full performance warranty; Now available with medium and wide optics

Northumberland business successfully installs largest privately owned solar PV system in the North

What is believed to be one of the North’s largest privately owned solar panel installations has taken place on Hulam Farm in the heart of Northumberland.

The farm has installed a 150kW, 460 panel Sunpower solar PV system which will achieve financial payback within six years and generate a combined revenue and savings of over £1,000,000 within 25 years. And, of course, reduce the environmental impact of using fossil fuel.

Focus on Solenoid Valves

For the past five years Shelley Automation Ltd has been field testing a range of Solenoid valves from the world leaders in valve manufacture. Following extensive testing the Fluidtec valve consistently delivered high performance tested against similar products in the market. Shelley Automation is now offering the Fluidtec valve at the highly competitive price of £27, giving you a quality product whilst delivering financial savings.

Is your business harnessing the potential of barcode temperature technology?

UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is advising process engineers and managers to harness the potential of barcode temperature technology to improve their temperature testing and monitoring regimes.


A new stainless steel cleaner from ROCOL is delivering superior smear-free, no-residue cleaning results in a wide range of production environments, including food, beverage and clean industries.

Idhammar Whitepaper – benefits of implementing a CMMS

DURING THE PAST TWO DECADES advances in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and associated technology has transformed manufacturing efficiency levels. As a result of these advances we now have the ability to automate many standard maintenance processes, analyse in detail various parts of our businesses, and manage the performance of much of our equipment.

CERTUSS Steam Generators

All CERTUSS Steam Generators are type tested according to European Pressure Equipment Guideline DGRL 97/23/EG. CERTUSS offer seven construction groups within their range of fossil fuel Generators with outputs ranging from 80kg/hr to 2000kg/hr and operating pressures of up to 32 Bar G. To accompany the Generator, CERTUSS also offer their CVE Package Plant Module, where all of the associated ancillary items are pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested.

Alarm management systems: the benefits of third party software

When it comes to selecting an enterprise-wide alarm management system, businesses should consider the pros and cons of a third party specific alarm management tool over a DCS vendor’s offering, says Jason Cook, Product Manager at MAC Solutions.

Everything you need to know about industrial climate control

Rittal has produced a second guide book, ‘Enclosure and process cooling’. This handy publication from the Rittal Technology Library, provides information on a variety of topics, including the basic principles of climate control, energy saving opportunities and project planning, installation and operation – even for more complex applications.

Higher Pressure Hydra-Cell pumps available

In response to customer requests and following extensive testing, Hydra-Cell® G35 high pressure, diaphragm pumps are now rated to 100 bar pressure. Conventionally the G35 has been rated with a maximum pressure of 83 bar and a maximum flow rate of 140 litres per minute.

The new version, is now rated with a maximum pressure of 100 bar at a maximum flow of 67 lpm, which should open up new applications for this popular and economical Hydra-Cell model.

QED Launch New Online Book – Good Vibrations

Quality Electronics Design S.A. (QED) has launched a new online book entitled “Good Vibrations”. It is a detailed introduction to vibration based durability testing. Originally released at the end of March 2014, it has now also been made available as a CD version.

The book was written by Ben Haest M.Sc.Eng.who is the Managing Director of QED. It comes as the culmination of many years of experience in training vibration testing engineers, and in-depth research undertaken on the different subjects.

Flextech’s comprehensive range of hose assemblies

Flextech manufacture bespoke hose assemblies for process engineering applications suitable for use within the food, beverage, pharma and petrochem industries. Our range covers PTFE, Silicones, Rubber and flexible metal lined hoses. Let us help you choose the right product for your application.

HBM – Upgraded miniature force transducer suits multiple applications

HBM has launched upgraded versions of its U9C and C9C miniature force transducers that are individually configurable and offer high measurement accuracy making them suitable for many different applications. These range from dynamic tests and production tasks through to static testing of many different types of equipment such as determining the contact forces in ultrasonic welding, the calibration of hardness testing machines and testing Bowden cables.

Environmental & Waste Monitoring Interactive Seminar

Do you currently monitor your waste or are you looking for a waste analysis solution?  Metrohm UK and Ireland are inviting process chemists, engineers or anyone with an interest within the environmental or waste industry to come along to one of the seminar days at their premises in Cheshire (UK) or  Carlow (Ireland).

VEGA – Radar benefits are out in the open

A key infrastructure

The inland waterways of the East Riding of Yorkshire are important for many reasons and it is this diversity that makes them such a valuable and unique resource.