Everything you need to know about industrial climate control

Rittal has produced a second guide book, ‘Enclosure and process cooling’. This handy publication from the Rittal Technology Library, provides information on a variety of topics, including the basic principles of climate control, energy saving opportunities and project planning, installation and operation – even for more complex applications.

Answers to many questions that are of interest to original equipment manufacturers, panel builders and end users alike, are explained comprehensively in this must-have book.

As well as product specific guidance on the removal of heat using air circulation, fan-and-filter units, air/air heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, cooling units and liquid-based cooling solutions, the accurate selection of climate control equipment using software tools is also covered.

Offering practical and useful tips on the installation and maintenance of cooling equipment, the guide book also draws on decades of experience of climate control solutions in industrial environments, to highlight typical errors and how working solutions may differ from those originally planned.

To receive a free copy from Rittal Limited, simply send an e-mail request to cooling@rittal.co.uk, quoting the reference P1403.

Visit Website:- www.rittal.co.uk


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