Hydra-Cell® G04 Pumps Up the Pressure

Following extensive on-site testing, Hydra-Cell G04 pumps have now been uprated to 200 Bar when operated at a reduced speed and with a commensurate reduction on flow rate. The pumps are now rated at 5.65 litres per minute at 200 bar pressure and 11.3 litres per minute at 170 bar.

“This represents a not insubstantial increase of 17.6% in the pump’s pressure capability but importantly, now enables us to offer a 200 bar pump in those instances where only pumps with a 200 bar capability will be considered,” said Nick Herrington, Wanner International Marketing and Technical Support Manager.

Capable of pumping both hot and cold liquids, in a wide range of viscosities, Hydra-Cell pumps are characterized by their complete lack of dynamic seals, making them ideal for, dosing, injection and metering applications where complete liquid containment is essential. Having no dynamic seals also enables Hydra-Cells to pump abrasives and dirty fluids that may contain abrasive particles, situations that would eventually cause problems for other pumping technologies.

The Hydra-Cell G04 pump is also ideal for dosing applications where its performance meets & exceeds the requirements of API 675 in terms of steady state accuracy (±1%), Linearity (±3%) and Repeatability (±3%).


D 04 SST

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