Lendon Containers Ltd

Lendon Containers specialise in marine containers, one of our activities is in the conversion of these units as industrial modules. Once completed they can be transported to site either within the UK or shipped abroad and can be moved from one site to another in an easy and convenient manner.

In conjunction with the workshop we can offer from a part to complete fit out, with the client either supplying equipment to us or taking the part finished unit to their facility, for them to complete the work.

At the workshop we can offer a comprehensive service to fabricate, machine and weld – stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

There are a multitude of potential uses from water treatment, data logging to laboratories and so we would be very happy to discuss any potential requirements you may have.

For further information please contact :
Lendon Containers Ltd 60 Webbs Road London SW11 6SE
Tel : 020 7350 1940
Fax : 020 7350 1962
email : enquiries@lcltd.co.uk


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