Magnetic Drive Pumps from Price Pump

Price Pump magnetically driven, seal-less pumps provide a leak-proof solution to today’s most challenging process applications. Top quality materials along with innovative design features result in a pump that delivers excellent performance and durability.


  • Zero leakage – Prevents loss of hazardous and/or expensive process fluids due to total product containment
  • 100% Emission free – Provides a safer, cleaner working environment
  • Sealless desigrt – Elimination of the rotating mechanical seal rids the user of potential problems with mechanical seals
  • Low maintenance – Reliable pump operation reduces down time and keeps maintenance costs at a minimum

Design Features

Magnetic couplings – Special grade of high temperature/high strength Samarium Cobalt magnets used in coupling assemblies result in a highly efficient coupling that can be used for extreme temperature applications

Bushings/washers – Interchangeable front and rear bushings and washers are designed to maximize thrust, temperature and abrasive handling capabilities. Materials available are Carbon, Ceramic and Silicon Carbide

Hex shaft design – Higher torque pump models use shafts with hex drive ends to eliminate common shaft/key failures. Shafts are also available with a Tungsten Carbide coating for abrasive applications

Universal bracket – One standardized investment cast 316SS bracket is used on all pump models

Twelve different pump models are available to meet the wide range of performance requirements

  • Capacities to 70 m3/hour @ 50 hz (400 GPM)@60 hz
  • Heads to 68 meters @50 hz(320 Feet)@60hz
  • Temperatures from Cryogenic to 175  C (350F)
  • Working pressures to 20 Bars(300 psi)
  • Motors up to 11  KW (15 HP )
  • Motors above 2.25 kw( 3HP )require VFD or soft start

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