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With so many people being away on holiday, this period presents the perfect opportunity to identify the safety challenges of your facility. Ensuring that once the full workforce is back everyone can power ahead. Find out how we can help you solve your challenges.

50 Lean Visuals for Improving Productivity and Safety

Companies that incorporate lean visuals throughout their facility are proven to have higher productivity, reduced waste, and improved safety. In this pocketbook we show you 50 tried-and-true ways to effectively use visuals throughout your facility. Use these examples to get started creating your own visuals.

Successful CLP labelling

In June 2015, the transition period for mandatory CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) chemicals labelling in the European Union ended. Since June, all dangerous chemical substances and mixtures are required to carry a predefined CLP label.

Brady’s quality printing systems provide companies with compliant CLP label templates and symbols, creating a flexible and easy to use in-house CLP label printing solution.

Are you involved in managing Safety Signage?

Safety signs, pipemarking, accurate chemicals labelling, LEAN and 5s initiatives all contribute to a safer working environment. Not only do they show you care for your employees’ well-being, they will also increase efficiency by reducing production interruptions because of an accident. Imagine being able to implement, revise or refresh all safety signage on-site and on demand!


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