Hydra-Cell® Excels in Pipeline Sampling

Hydra-Cell pumps are increasingly being specified and retrofitted in pipeline sampling installations used for analysis during oil transfer… Data that is essential for identification, custody transfer, allocation or quality measurement purposes.

Many such systems operate 24/7 in remote locations so therefore pump reliability is a fundamental requirement; reliability that many pumps fail to provide but Hydra-Cell pumps offer.

In many instances, pipe scale is the root cause of the problem. Hard, brittle and abrasive, it causes rapid wear in pumps that have dynamic seals and tight tolerances, leading to pump inefficiency, seal leakage and on occasions catastrophic failure. Even where fine filtration is installed this needs regular maintenance to remain effective; a further operational cost. Mag-drive pumps are not suitable for such applications as the iron oxide scale particles are attracted to the magnetic interface and cause inefficiency and excessive wear.

Hydra-Cell pumps have multiple, hydraulically balanced diaphragms in a single pump head. They are seal-less and therefore leak free and can handle solid particles up to 1.5mm depending on the model.

The high pressure performance of these pumps ensures they are more than capable of meeting the pressure required to reintroduce the sampled oil back into the main flow and is more than sufficient to jet-homogenise the pipeline content prior to sampling.

Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps have also been shown to overcome poor suction conditions, overcoming low flow and acceleration head losses in the process.

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