The 55 l/min vane pump can be supplied with ac-dc or air motors.self contained pressure
bypass valve to prevent any backflow plus bultin pressure regualtor

Self priming and quiet running vane pump offers low noise pumping with any type motor.
55 l/min flow rates with pressures to 4 bars
self contained pressure regulation means the pump can find a place with both oem and prcess systems.

Ideal applications include stand by power installations and larger gen sets of any size.
the pumps supply prelube to these systems and require zero maintenance.

builtin pressure bypass valve to protect motor
55 l/min operation
builtin check valve so the oil pressure can not run the pump backwards
whisper vane design
wetted parts
aluminum and steel

Anyone installing or rebuilding a large engine system should consider this pump for prelube service.a large part of engine lifetime wear occurs at dry starts after the lube oil has draned from the bearings. An upfront investment in a prelube system can pay for itself many times over by greatly extending the engines service life

Motor options 230 v ac 3 phase 24 volts dc
air motor

The pump itself does not produce pressure, it produces flow.the engine connnected to the pump has flow resistance that produces a back pressure as the pump tries its best to maintain the flow thru the engine.these pumps can deliver the rated flow rate against a back pressure to 4 bars from the sytem before the check valve opens all of the back pressure at the pump comes from the resistance

Within the engine.a good part of this comes from the resistance within the piping and connections between the pump and the engine. System.back pressure from the piping and connections does the system littler good and should be minimized.50 l/min of cold oil can easily use up 3.5 bars of pressure when the piping is too small.only pressure delivered to the engine is useful to apply the lubricating oils to the needed surfaces.



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