Controlling Your Condenser System Is a Breeze with Axair EC Fans

Reduced noise, reduced energy consumption and extended lifetime; just a few of the many benefits of running condenser fan systems at reduced speeds. Managing and controlling this variable speed can require a significant investment though, either through the installation of a separate regulator or by purchasing an expensive advanced system with an in-built control. With a Rosenberg condenser fan from Axair Fans UK, you are not required to do either.

Not only do Rosenberg EC condenser fans use a low power connection, they are fitted with an enable switch connection as standard; thus enabling an easy stop/start of the fan. The EC (Electronically Commutated) motor will further reduce energy consumption and the units can be easily adapted for a part system upgrade without the need for a full upgrade of the electronics. For more information about condenser fans and the Rosenberg range, contact one of their engineers today.

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