Cost Effective Explosion Protection for High Temperature Applications

– Avoid costly heat and energy loss with a thermally Insulated Explosion Panel –

For safety critical applications handling hazardous materials Explosion Panels are commonly installed to protect against potentially damaging explosions. For many applications it is critical to the functioning of the vessel and performance of the product that the internal temperature is maintained. Avoiding costly heat loss while ensuring consistent flow of the process is a challenge faced by many customers with high temperature applications who require the need for reliable explosion protection.

Traditional explosion panels are conductive and hence allow the critical heat and energy to escape from the vessel while being potentially harmful to workers. Companies have attempted to overcome this issue with the purchase of additional components such as temperature adapters, and while these offer reliable protection they increase the initial purchase spend and are not suitablefor applications were space is restricted. More modern alternatives incorporate an inbuilt thermal insulation within the standard metal construction to remedy the issue while continuing to offer reliable, yet cost-effective explosion protection.

Leading pressure relief specialist, Elfab, has acknowledged this as a real concern and developed a technically superior, thermally insulated explosion panel to its already industry leading venting range. The Thermal Explosion Panel offers improved technical characteristics while preventing expensive energy and heat loss from the vessel.

The construction of this panel combines a solid thermal insulator of low density silica within a stainless steel explosion panel construction. As the insulation is integral to the panel construction, it allows for better convection within the process without reducing venting relief area. Unlike other designs requiring the purchase of additional components, Elfab’s Thermal Explosion Vent is a single product solution ensuring minimal space required while reducing on-going purchasing costs.

Suitable for use in operating temperatures up to 600c as standard the Thermal Panel is not susceptible to condensation related product build-up making it an ideal solution for a range of applications. Elfab’s Thermal Panel is compatible with unique ATEX-approved burst detection system, Vent-Tel to signal instantaneous burst within the installation process. Elfab’s fail-safe burst detection system, Vent-Tel has been specifically designed for its range of explosion venting panels to further ensure onsite safety for its customers.

The Thermal Explosion Vent is available in a variety of sizes, burst pressures and temperature ranges to suit your specific requirements.

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