Help Identifying the Right Chain Solution

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, has re-categorised its extensive Drive Chain products into three ranges to make it easier for customers to identify the right chain solution. The three new ranges are: Standard, Solution and Premium.

The Standard Range features a variety of standard chain manufactured with precision to suit simple drives with large diameter sprockets or complex drives with multiple sprockets and high load bearings.

Whilst the new Premium Range offers customers ultimate solution to problems with chain wear, chain fatigue, high speed, lubrication, chain length accuracy and chain strength offering optimum performance in extreme conditions. A new Premium Range chain is being launched in the UK later this year.

The Solution Range offers our customers a genuine solution to problems with chain wear, chain fatigue, corrosion, high speed, lubrication, chain length accuracy and chain strength with specific build features designed to enhance durability and withstand a range of arduous environments.

Our new Solution Range incorporates Donghua’s existing HSP Chain, SLR Chain and CP Chain plus our recently launched EXL Chain.

HSP Chain:

Donghua’s Heavy Super Power (HSP) Chain is specifically designed for aggressive environments and is a popular chain in the UK. HSP Chain is suited to agricultural and industrial applications and boasts ultimate tensile strength up to 50 per cent higher than DIN standard chains. HSP has wide-waist plates to give extreme fatigue strength and high interference fit between pins and plates.

SLR Chain:

Donghua’s Self-Lubricating Roller (SLR) Chain incorporates special oil impregnated sintered bushings which extend beyond the inner plates to prevent dirt ingress, giving these chains their self-lubricating characteristics.

Nickel plated throughout to prevent corrosion, and with chemically plated and tempered pins, SLR Chain offers improved wear resistance and added protection in the bearing area. This chain is ideal for use in areas where chain lubrication is difficult or undesirable.

CP Chain:

Donghua’s Chromized Pin (CP) Chain offers increased wear life over standard roller chain. It is designed with a chromized pin; adding a chrome surface coating to the pins results in super-hard pins which extends the wear life of the chain. With a 1100 HV10 surface hardness, CP Chain is ideal for dirty / dusty conditions, giving high abrasion resistance.

EXL Chain:

Recently launched in the UK, the premium EXL Chain offers significant benefits over standard Roller Chain. It utilises different materials, material treatments and layer technologies, to offer the best possible quality/price ratio for all applications.

Aimed specifically for the after-market, EXL Chain is designed, manufactured and tested for unbeatable accuracy and performance in arduous conditions, offering enhanced wear and fatigue resistance and greater precision.

The chain is designed with a new hardened, shot-peened wide-waist plate for increased fatigue strength and a seamless cold forged solid bush and roller to give full contact between the pin, bushing and roller for higher durability.

The EXL Chain has optimised cylindrical parts which improve sliding contacts to help increase service life. It also incorporates Donghua’s unique ‘Easy Break Technology’ which enables the EXL Chain to be cut in the field using Donghua’s Plate Extractor tools.

New Chain Selection Chart

To help UK customers select the correct chain solution, we have developed a simple reference guide – the Donghua Chain Selection Chart. The chart provides a visual 1 – 5 star rating highlighting our recommendations for each chain product for wear resistance, fatigue resistance, strength, shock load, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, easy break, FDA approved and so on. It’s a must-have reference document in an engineer’s toolkit.

To download your copy of the Chain Selection Chart visit: or for a laminated hard copy call 01902 866 200.

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