Winkworth mixes future-proofed solution for specialist cementitious materials manufacturer

When a leading manufacturer of imprinted concrete materials needed to streamline its production process, the first decision it made was to contact a mixer maker in the top of its field.

PICS Ltd has been blending and supplying decorative concrete and walling materials for almost three decades and in 2003, the company asked those in the industry to recommend a mixer manufacturer; the feedback was that Winkworth was the ‘Rolls Royce’ of mixer makers.

After discussing its needs and requirements with Winkworth, PICS placed its first order for the UT 1500 Ribbon Blender. This robust mixer, which produces consistent results and reduces mixing times, is specifically designed to blend the various cementitious materials used by PICS.

However the nature of mixing extremely coarse dry powders such as concrete, sand, cement and colourant is that it causes wear and takes its toll on the mixer. Anticipating this, Winkworth’s fitted PICS’ UT Ribbon Blender with replaceable wear ribbons. After 16 years of high utilisation, wear on the trough becomes inevitable.

So when current business expansion, including a specialist contract blending arm, meant that PICS required an additional mixer, Winkworth created a solution that was even more futureproofed.

This additional mixer, ordered in January 2018, featured the previous ribbon design but with the addition of a fully replaceable trough. This innovation means the machine is truly futureproofed and exchanging the trough when the time comes will be a simple ‘service replacement.’ Reducing downtime and allowing for a planned intervention for PICS means maximum utilisation for the future and a very long future.

Alan Goord, Production Manager of PICS Ltd, believes that Winkworth was undoubtedly the right choice of mixer manufacturer. “We always knew how to make the product and we knew that we needed a ribbon blender, so the big question was who we’d use to supply it.

“Both of our mixers are used for eight hours a day, five days a week, mixing 25 tonnes of powder per day. Using Winkworth machinery has become essential for us because of the lack of breakdown, the quality of the products and the length of time it lasts,” added Alan.

Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of the Winkworth Group said, “A machine that wears is a fact of life but the solution we created for PICS means that once the trough becomes worn to an unacceptable level, it can be replaced in situ.  “We believe that this solution has given PICS confidence and has allowed maintenance to be planned. By adapting the design of our UT Ribbon Blender we’ve future-proofed their asset and provided a cost-effective way of extending the life of the machine.

“When we say we’re in mixers, people often think we mean concrete mixers and we correct them. However for PICS’ particular requirements, we do manufacture a very special concrete mixer,” added Grant.

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