Is your business harnessing the potential of barcode temperature technology?

UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is advising process engineers and managers to harness the potential of barcode temperature technology to improve their temperature testing and monitoring regimes.

 “Combining barcode technology with high accuracy temperature testing is definitely the way forward,” argues, MD, Tom Sensier. “Among the many benefits for business and industry are improved flexibility, speed of measurement and data integrity.”

TME’s flagship handheld thermometer, the MM7000 ThermoBar Scan, harnesses barcode technology to deliver sophisticated temperature data across a range of industries and applications – from food manufacturing and food service to industrial processing, water temperature monitoring and logisticsDownloadDataTME Advert-Twitter 1

Why use barcodes?

  • Barcodes can be displayed on any product, appliance, test point or ‘menu’.
  • Barcodes can be generated easily using standard software and print fonts;
  • Barcodes can be 100% bespoke – better than arbitrary, pre-set product descriptions;
  • Barcodes capture data immediately – a much faster option than scrolling through countless pre-set product descriptions.

How does the MM7000 work?

The MM7000 is a robust, high accuracy thermometer with considerable added value: as well as taking temperatures, the device scans the barcode of the corresponding temperature point being tested – for example individual food items or batches; appliances like ovens or freezers; any fixed temperature asset such as a water tank or tap. The instrument then records the temperature, time and date of each test – and for complete due diligence, the unique serial number of the instrument itself alongside the barcode. The MM7000 is also Bluetooth enabled allowing data to be downloaded to PC, PDA and Smartphones

Barcode fading into the distance thermobarscan

New features

The MM7000 now features a new alarm function to help organisations deal with temperature failures as soon as they happen rather than after the event. Managers are able to programme multiple instruments with the same critical alarm values giving an instant visual indicator of a Low or High temperature result. The instrument is also available with a USB connection if preferred.

“The practicality of barcodes matched with their potential for proving due diligence is unarguable. The MM7000 combines this now-widespread technology with strong functional design and temperature testing accuracy to produce a powerful temperature logging solution for all industries.” 

TM Electronics (UK) is the UK’s leading handheld thermometer manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience in the field. For more details on its extensive range of thermometers and temperature sensors visit for online purchasing or contact the Sales Team on 01903 700651

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