AKO UK Expand their Pinch Valve range with the New VMC Series


The new VMC series is based on a multi-functional modular system which enables flexible exchange of the two types of body available – aluminium and stainless steel, and also a wide range of different collar caps/flange types – stainless steel and POM.

Quetschventil MilchrohrConnection options are:

–    Internal thread connection
–    Flange connection
–    Threaded Spigot
–    Weld-on ends
–    Tri-clamp connection

Alternatively, aseptic pipe connections, aseptic flange connections or aseptic clamp connections can be welded on according to DIN 11864 and DIN 11853.

Layout of the air operated VMC Pinch Valve:

VMC-SASThe layout of the VMC series of air operated pinch valves incorporates the heart of every pinch valve: the pinch sleeve, a body and two collar caps. The pinch sleeve is positioned in the centre of the VMC series air operated pinch valve body; both of its ends are pressed in by the collar caps, thus forming a compact unit.
The different connection options and a range of elastomer qualities (pinch sleeves) such as abrasion-resistance natural rubber, natural rubber for foods, EPDM, EPDM for foods, nitrile, nitrile for food, hypalon, butyl, neoprene, silicon, and viton ensure that there is a very wide, virtually unlimited range of applications for the VMC series air operated pinch valves.

VMC_CADBenefits of Air Pinch Valves:

Some of the most important benefits of VMC series air operated pinch valves are the flexible modular system which facilitates diverse connection options, 100% clear product flow and 100% sealing from the product flow. Even larger solid particles are surrounded by the pinch sleeve and are therefore tightly shut off. In addition to having a compact and very lightweight construction, the air operated pinch valve construction also offers totally customer friendly, simple assembly/dismantling of the pinch valve. This makes it possible for every customer to replace the pinch sleeve on-site in just a few minutes without needing any special tools. Furthermore, with the aid of the latest CAD software it was possible to achieve a weight reduction of up to 65% compared to previous series.

VMP pinch valve with threaded hose nozzleAreas of Application:

Food/pharmaceuticals industry, chemical industry, air operated pump systems, pigment/granulate treatment, ceramic/glass/plastics industry, suction/metering systems, filling and weighing units, and ventilation systems are just some of the industrial/application areas in which our air operated pinch valves from the VMC series can be used.

The maximum operating temperature of the VMC type pinch valve is 120 degrees C, depending on the elastomer. The maximum operating pressure (medium pressure) is 6 bar. The control pressure (closing pressure) of the valve should be 2 bar above the operating pressure.

The VMC series of air operated pinch valves is so far available in nominal diameters DN010-DN050 and meets all requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Special conductive models with separate earthing are also available for use in explosive areas zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

AKO now have CAD drawings available to download for each of their Pinch Valve range, as well as technical videos to help with the re-sleeving process and maintaining.

For more information on AKO and their pinch valve products please visit www.pinch-valves.com

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