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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of temporary and emergency process cooling hire solutions All Seasons Hire (ASH) have encountered a huge range of temporary chiller applications. Of these applications process cooling has stood out as one of the most common and yet varied. Understanding how important process cooling is to a client is only half the battle. ASH know that a failed chiller system can mean halting of production and therefore impacting on profitability. However, there’s more that makes the company specialists in the temporary process cooling sphere.

Selection of Ancillaries

1ASH’s chillers are only as good as their connectivity. Thankfully, their range can be combined with a huge selection of ancillary equipment. This allows them to turn their systems to a multitude of specialised and bespoke process cooling solutions. Their range of ancillary equipment includes heat exchangers, air handlers, low loss headers, inverter driven pumps, bypass systems and water storage tanks. This expansive range of connectivity solutions allows ASH to fix almost any process cooling issue they encounter. Thanks to the fact they keep all this equipment in stock it also means they can respond rapidly to any application. Of course, shortening solution delivery time means shortening the time it takes for you to return to business as usual.

2Expansive Chiller Range

ASH’s ancillary equipment has to connect to something and their fleet of chillers is one of the largest and most efficient in the country. With names like Trane, BiCold and MTA in the range you know the chillers are of the highest quality. With a fantastic coefficient of performance, power range from 5 to 1000 kW, cooling output range from +20c to – 12c and aforementioned connectivity you can be assured of the capabilities and performance of their temporary cooling hire solutions. For clients, ASH’s expansive fleet means their demands can almost always be met no matter how high or low.

Huge, Highly Skilled Engineering Team


It’s not just ASH’s equipment that makes them so specialized. They boast one of the largest and most highly skilled engineering teams in the country. With F-gas and City and Guilds certification their engineers know exactly what they’re doing, even when encountering non-standard issues. Alongside this their team can carry out CAD in house. The engineering team also always work closely with their technical sales crew from the moment your enquiry comes in, ensuring everyone is working from the correct page. This also means more accurate quotes, faster installs, reactivity to non-standard issues and a highly qualified 24/7 support network. All of which comes together to provide a smoother hire experience and quicker return to business as usual for their clients.

Don’t Just Take Their Word for it

Here are some examples of ASH’s recent process cooling solutions.

  • Vegetable Oil Supplier – Failure of the client’s chiller had left their stock at risk of spoiling. Within hours ASH carried out a site survey and decided on a 200 kW chiller with integral tanks and pump. They then drained the client’s system into 3 1,000 litre IBC containers before installing the chiller and refilling the system using liquid transfer pumps.
  • Luxury Engine Manufacturer – The manufacturers cooling system had failed leaving production imperative wax moulds at risk of melting. ASH designed a bespoke temporary cooling solution in response to client’s demands. The system consisted of 2 x 300 kW chillers and 4 x 150 kW air handlers to distribute cool air evenly around their manufacturing facility. The solution kept the mould shop at the correct temperature so work could continue.
  • Soft Drinks Manufacturer – The clients CO2 injection chiller had failed leaving production timelines in jeopardy. A site survey allowed ASH to decide on a 160 kW chiller and 200 kW water plate heat exchanger. They also provided 50 metres of electrical cable and 80 metres of flexible water hoses. Mono propylene glycol was also provided. This allowed manufacturing to return to business as usual rapidly.

For more examples of our bespoke and expert work check out our case studies.

In addition to this ASH also offer a contingency planning service. To do this they carry out a site survey to fully understand your systems requirements. They then take contact information of key individuals in your industry and store the site survey and equipment information on file. This means that, should your system fail, their speedy response time can be quickened further due to the fact they have core information already at hand.

In addition to all this ASH boasts three ISO accreditations putting their business management (ISO 9001), environmental impact management (ISO 14001) and health and safety management (OHSAS 18001) on a par with huge multinationals. This, combined with the fact they are SafeContractor approved, means any potential client can be assured that business undertaken with ASH will be correctly managed and delivered safely and efficiently.


It’s clear then that All Seasons Hire is the correct choice for emergency process cooling chiller hire and rental. Contact them on 08000828001 or for more information on how their temporary chiller hire services can help you.

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